The RUI system from Rothenburg is a modular system for versatile use of different products for mixing, processing, homogenising and whipping. Such as butter, without additives and a water content of up to 40%, whipping and mixing of chocolate products or the production of mixed fat spreads in a performance range currently from 100kg to 3000kg per hour. The system is CIP-able and complies with USDA hygiene requirements.

The Rothenburg RUI system is also available to our customers as a compact, ready-to-plug-in test system. In this way, tests on mixing ratios and the mixing quality of butter products can be carried out before the final purchase decision is made. It is also possible to implement otherwise problematic mixing ratios of butter with water, herbs, salt, etc. Rothenburg test systems can of course be integrated into continuous industrial processes as modular mixing units.

We can also refurbish dairy equipment and individual components from your existing equipment.

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Functional principle of mixing and dosing technology

The storage silo is filled with butter from the butter maker or the rework process. A distinction can be made between dry and liquid mixing. With dry dosing, the butter goes into the storage silo. The butter is formed into a flat strand when the silo is filled. The larger surface area makes it easier to add salt to the butter, for example. This is trickled onto the butter carpet with a special funnel as it enters. The mass is premixed in the screws. A final, even distribution is achieved in the pin mixer, through which the butter mixture is conveyed with the help of a pump, as in the rework process. With liquid mixing, the desired pumpable material is introduced directly before the pin mixer in the butter line with the help of additive pumps instead of sprinkling. Several additives can also be dosed in at the same time. The various products, such as butter, oil and water, are then processed in the pin mixer to form a homogeneous end product.

1. Reworker

The butter is fed in manually or with a conveyor belt directly into the Reworker. With the help of specially manufactured screw conveyors, the frozen block of butter is pre-crushed and at the same time conveyed to the next stage.

2. Front panel mixer

Two counter-rotating mixer shafts serve to crush the butter further and prepare it for feeding into the connected butter pump

3. Butter pump

Generously dimensioned butter pumps equipped with a rectangular flange ensure gentle transport of the butter.

4. Pin mixer

The heart of the system. High shear forces are used here to achieve ideal fine water distribution and spreadability. The desired output temperature can be freely controlled here via frequency converters.

5. Butter silo

The butter silo, with its large screw conveyors, serves as an ideal buffer tank for the following packing machines.


  • Of different products for mixing, processing, homogenising and whipping.
  • For butter without additives and a water content of up to 40%
  • Whipping and mixing of chocolate products
  • Producing mixed fat spreads