Rothenburg butter silos with their unique shape and processing have become indispensable in modern dairies. The cambered shape also fulfils an essential benefit. Due to the curved shape, the butter roller has no contact with the inside of the silo wall, which ensures optimum hygiene and also reduces energy consumption. The pronounced pressure tunnel ensures a reliable supply of the connected pumps and reliably prevents cavitation and air pockets.

The volume depends on the capacity of the butter-making machine or the packaging machine and should be 40 - 50% of the hourly capacity. Silo sizes from 500kg to 10t are among our standard products.

The screw conveyors are driven by two separate geared motors, therefore ensuring a long service life. Up to six feed pumps with different capacities can be connected to the pressure tunnel. Gentle conveying of the butter is achieved by generously dimensioned screw conveyors and low speeds.

Rothenburg butter silos are designed for CIP cleaning and are equipped with the necessary spray balls both in the silo and in the pressure tunnel.

Vacuum silo

Vacuum silos allow special handling of butter with a higher oxygen content. In the Rothenburg vacuum silo, the butter is conveyed through a specially shaped perforated plate to create a maximum surface area and an optimum effective range for the vacuum. The air is almost completely removed from the butter, therefore significantly extending the shelf life. In addition, the structure, colour and spreadability are noticeably improved.

We can also refurbish dairy equipment and individual components from your existing equipment.

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Functional principle of the pin mixer and butter silo

Kinetic energy is applied to the still frozen butter in the pin mixer. The desired temperature and a homogeneous appearance of the butter can be achieved thanks to the adjustable speed of the pin mixer.

1. Reworker

The butter is fed in manually or with a conveyor belt directly into the Reworker. With the help of specially manufactured screw conveyors, the frozen block of butter is pre-crushed and at the same time conveyed to the next stage.

2. Front panel mixer

Two counter-rotating mixer shafts serve to crush the butter further and prepare it for feeding into the connected butter pump

3. Butter pump

Generously dimensioned butter pumps equipped with a rectangular flange ensure gentle transport of the butter.

4. Pin mixer

The heart of the system. High shear forces are used here to achieve ideal fine water distribution and spreadability. The desired output temperature can be freely controlled here via frequency converters.

5. Butter silo

The butter silo, with its large screw conveyors, serves as an ideal buffer tank for the following packing machines.


  • Butter with a higher oxygen content requires special handling
  • Optimum effective range for the vacuum
  • The air is almost completely removed from the butter and therefore the shelf life is significantly extended
  • The structure, colour and spreadability are noticeably improved