Rothenburg GmbH has been manufacturing butter silos and equipment for the dairy industry since it was founded in 1862.

Our products range from the processing of frozen or tempered block butter by our rework system to the production of mixed fats, the whipping of certain dairy products, the production of butter in our butter maker and butter silos as buffer tanks before any type of packing machine.

With our systems, we cover the entire production process and work with you to develop a solution tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Afterwards, we are also there for our customers and provide support during use if questions arise.

All Rothenburg components are made of stainless steel and manufactured according to USDA standards. Accordingly, the highest global hygiene standard is achieved.


Gentle processing of frozen and tempered blocks of butter

Butter silos

Buffer tanks in standard and vacuum versions from 500kg to 10t storage volume.

Special systems

Screw trolleys and butter makers